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Weather in Limassol

  • Temperature 29°C 84°F
  • Wind 4.1mps
  • Humidity 74.5%

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About Cyprus

Situated on the northeastern domain of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is the third largest island in the region. Neighbor to Africa, Europe and Asia, Cyprus has an area of 9,250 kilometers square.
Over 9,000 years old, the island was once Anthonis gift to Cleopatra and the birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, as mythology has it. In addition, Cyprus’ rich heritage is manifested in the plethora of Stone Age ruins, Greek temples, Roman theaters, Venetian structures and Byzantine churches.

A desired holiday destination, Cyprus is an attraction for its gourmet dishes and its variety in outdoor activities. Cyprus’ cuisine has been influenced by its positioning the Mediterranean as well as its vibrant heritage of Venetians, Greek, British and Near Eastern countries. With the aid of the sun, which shines approximately 340 days a year, holiday makers spend their time water sporting, hiking, parachuting and sky diving, as well as camping on the coast or mountain terrains. In the evenings, outings begin relatively late and finish in the early hours of the morning.

Locals are as warm as the summer sun and are accustomed to foreigners as they welcome them with open arms. Often English speaking, locals will aim to please and frequently go out of their way to achieve this. This openness is mirrored in the charming villages but remains as strong in the cities.

The Cypriot economy is small, diversified, and prosperous. With a moderate industry, a healthy service sectors and the rapid growth in exports of agricultural and manufactured products as well as in tourism have all played important roles in making the Cyprus Pound very strong amongst other currencies, which has turned Cyprus into a developed nation.

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